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Epic-PK is not one of those easy servers with low droprates and easy bosses. In Epic-PK the bosses are harder than ever. This means that PvM actually requires skills to some extend. We have several bosses, ranging from the fearless godwars generals to the dangerous tormented demons. All bosses in Epic-PK has their own handler, and this allows them to have their own special abilities. The godwars bosses are linked to the minions; if you try to kill the minions right before the boss spawns, they will respawn with the boss. Kalphite queen actually has two forms, the second even more dangerous than the first! Another important part of the PvM in Epic-PK is droprates. The droprates are quite low, meaning it is quite hard to receive the rare sought after drops. Members do get a 15% droprate increase, and ring of wealth gives another 20% droprate increased (These effects can be stacked). Epic-PK does also have special weapons that are more efficient on special bosses, an example is the balmung. This weapon allows you to slay all of the three dagannoth kings with extra accuracy and strength without having to use their style of weakness. Epic-PK does also have a really hard boss fight upcommin. This fight requires tactics that has never before been seen. PvM is also one of the best ways to get EP tokens. These tokens can be used to purchase rare and powerful items in the EP tokens store found at home.


Skilling does also have an important aspect in Epic-PK. As mentioned above Epic-PK has alot of hard bosses, and skilling can actually help you out! Herblore allows you to create the untradable extreme potions aswell as the overload. This gives you a great advantage in the world of PvM. Fishing does also have its advantages. At level 90 fishing you can fish rocktails; the best food ingame which has a high trade value. Other skills such as fletching, crafting & smithing does also have a potential to make loads of money. These skills have the ability to create some of the top end gear in Epic-PK. Fletching allows you to create one of the most powerful crossbows; Zanik's crossbow, which has the ability to activate your bolt enchant whenever you want to! Skilling does also give EP Tokens at a pretty decent rate, making it an excellent way to get your hands on the valuable tokens if aren't strong enough to take on the dangerous bosses of Epic-PK


PvP is one of the most importants aspects of Epic-PK. In Epic-PK you can either fight people in the dreaded wilderness or all around the world in our PvP dedicated world. The combat of Epic-PK is very good and therefore enhances your PKing experience. Our rich vaerity of PKing activities ensures that you never get tired of killing other people. If you get tired of killing people for those low value loots in the wilderness you can head over to the PvP world and try to get your hand on some of the PvP equipment! No matter where you are fighting or who you are killing you are awarded PK points when you receive a kill. These points can be used to purchase weapons, armour and supples at the PvP store located in edgeville.