The Epic-PK Webstore provides the ability to purchase EP Credit & membership. You can buy the most powerful and rare items in Epic-PK with EP Credits and explore the most exotic places in the game with membership!

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Membership does not only provide you a sexy icon infront of your name, but it also gives you a large range of perks.

Members gets 15% increased droprates on all monsters ingame, this includes bosses. If you combine membership with a ring of wealth you will get a whopping 35% increased droprate!

You can visit the premium skilling zone where you not only have a bank right next to you, but you also get 20% more EXP from all EXP sources. This is also the only place to fish rocktails!

You can take on the dangerous Chaos Elemental to get your hands on the powerful Vesta & Statius armour!

Access to the donator zone with several exotic stores and a range of different NPCs such as green dragons, frost dragons, a boss & much more!

DN Credits

EP Credits can be spent in the EP Credit store found at ::home. In this store you can find the most valuable & powerful items in the game. The items vary from the notorious spirit shields to the sought after chaotic weapons!


Special items:

- Ring of wealth: Increases the drop rate of all rare items by 20%

- Mystery box: This item can be opened for a large range of rare and expensive items, ranging from a whip to some of the rarest items ingame; the third-age druidic set.

- Chaotic items: These items are one of the best items in their slot

- Overload: This potion is the strongest potion ingame, and it refreshes your stats every 15 seconds